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These are upcoming tequila releases.  The hope is to get them all in store but doesn't always happen.  This list is in no way exhaustive.  Please let me know what releases I'm missing.

Aguasol Blanco (info)

Augasol Reposado (info​)

Calle 23 Criollo Reposado

Calle 23 Edicion Unica 2023 Blanco (available as of 4/3)

Cambio Blanco (info) (available as of 3/26)

Cambio Reposado (info) (available as of 3/26)

El Ateo Still Strength (info)

General Gorostieta Blanco from NOM-1579

Insolito Extra Anejo

Lagrimas El Sabino Blanco (available as of 3/22)

Lagrimas El Sabino Reposado (available as of 3/22)

Ocho x Old Fitzgerald (reposado or anejo?)

Primo 1861 Still Strength (new NOM?)

Siembra Alteño (info)

Yeyo Tropical Reposado

Yeyo Overproof Blanco

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