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Tequila El Gran Legado de Vida Still Strength Blanco
  • Tequila El Gran Legado de Vida Still Strength Blanco

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    • Tequila Cascahuin S.A. (NOM 1123), El Arenal, Mexico

      54.5% ABV


      Harvesting Single Estate 7yr old Michoacan agaves, at 40brix raw. Salvador Rosales Jr. Master Distiller of the world renowned NOM1123 distillery, salivated at the mouth over the high sugar content of the agaves, quickly to suggest a Still Strength to capture all that the agaves have to offer. Only 750L of this masterpiece created, 1k bottles at 750ml to be distributed exclusively in the US market.


      "Visually: Crystal clear / Great viscosity

      Aromas: On the nose light cooked agave, with a hint of minerality, followed by mint and citrus notes, a little herbatious and eucalyptus.

      Taste: Great mouth feel, delicate sweetness, some white pepper and light heat, mint anis, honey, citrus, herbal notes, followed by delicious cooked agave.
      - After the first sip, this blanco is sweet & delicious easy sipper.
      Finish: Long & balanced... it lingers in your mouth."

      - Greg Bartolotta @aged_agave


      2000 bottles produced

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