G4 Blanco de Madera
  • G4 Blanco de Madera


      El Pandillo Distillery (NOM-1579), Jesús María, Jalisco

      45% ABV


      The esteemed El Pandillo Distillery.  Headed up by Felipe Camarena, it has pumped out hit after hit - G4, Pasote, Volans, an ArteNOM selection - and has gained a reputation such that each new release causes a Pavlovian response to the tequila afficiendo.  Well, here's the new - G4's blanco tequila, fermented entirely in wood vats and bottled at 90 proof.  Still stone oven cooked agave, copper pot still, and cut with rainwater.  But that wood brings out a soft butteriness and tamps down on the spicier notes typically found.  Still crisp and leaning dry, but with roasted agave unctuousness.  Limited edition release so once it's gone, it's on to the next.