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Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

    Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

    • Claiming the title of Wyoming's first legal whiskey distillery, Wyoming Whiskey was founded in 2009 by Brad and Kate Mead and David DeFazio along with the help of former Maker’s Mark master distiller Steve Nally.

      Outryder is the result of a difference of opinion between DeFazio and Nally. DeFazio asked Nally to lay down a rye, however, Nally didn’t like rye. In an act of defiance and unknown to DeFazio, Nally laid down an almost rye, coming in at 48% rye, just 3% short of the necessary 51% rye. Upon discovering it was not a legal rye, DeFazio placed a call to Nally asking, “why’d you only use 48% rye?” Nally said, “Because I told you I didn’t want to make rye.” DeFazio went on, “I couldn’t believe it. He waited five years for that phone call just to stick it to me.” And so Wyoming Whiskey Outryder was born.

      Outryder is a limited edition whiskey that blends two whiskeys with two different mashbills, an “almost Rye Whiskey and a High Rye Bourbon, that represents Wyoming Whiskey’s first use of rye,” according to the company’s website.  Baked bread, green apples, buttered toast, and caramel chews swirl around the tastebuds encapsulated by a foray of rye spice. Subtle hay and creamed corn mingle in, providing a bit of depth. An herbal undertone, transitioning from what was more floral on the nose, carries throughout.

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