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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon

    • 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% barley



      As with many Wild Turkey bourbons, there is a slight nuttiness that’s far less pungent than in Russell’s Reserve 10 Year. On that note, Rare Breed is also much sweeter, richer, and balanced than Russell’s Reserve 10 Year, which skews towards oak and general darkness with a lot less fruitiness.

      The alcohol is every bit of its 58.4% ABV, but yet it’s never overpowering, allowing the fragrantly rich scents to stream into my nose. And if you happen to have had it before, Wild Turkey Rare Breed smells like a bigger and more mature Wilderness Trail Single Barrel bourbon.

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