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Agua Del Sol Ultramundo Lamparillo Mezcal
  • Agua Del Sol Ultramundo Lamparillo Mezcal

    • Ultramundo Mezcal is an agroforestry project. They’re attempting to foster a balanced relationship with nature through craft spirits, specifically artisanal mezcal, using the agaves from their 24,000-acre ranch in Mapimí, Durango. They leave at least 20% of the agaves that reach maturity to do what they do naturally: go to seed and regenerate their population.


      Maguey: wild A. Asperrima (Maguey Lamparillo) reaching maturity at 15-18 years

      Region: Nombre de Dios, Durango

      Cooking: Underground, volcanic stone-lined pit oven with mesquite and pine firewood for three days

      Milling: By hand with ax

      Fermentation: Wild, ambient yeast in open-air, in-ground, oak-lined wells for two to four days depending on season

      Distillation: Twice in a wood-fired copper pot with an oak wood condenser and copper coil

      Volume of batch: 400-500L ABV: 48-52%