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Tau High Proof Blanco Tequila
  • Tau High Proof Blanco Tequila

    • Feliciano Vivanco (NOM-1414), Arandas, Jalisco



      Tau was around in California a year ago and then disappeared.  Worried that I might not get that sweet, sweet nectar from NOM-1414, my fears were allayed when they reappeared in May 2024.  And they brought a high proof blanco with them!


      "Aromas: A wallop of cooked agave. Cinnamon, citrus, a wisp of vanilla. Dry carbonic minerals. Tropical “Juicy Fruit” banana/pineapple vibe. Minty. A touch of smokiness. Moist barn straw and a woody herbal note. Flavor: A forceful clap of black pepper and tongue tingling cinnamon oil. The pepper/cinnamon intensity abates, settling into enticing fruit and spice notes. Medium full body with a kiss of salinity. Shades of rustic. Nothing shy or timid about this expression. It’s great to see Tau and Vivanco jump back into the high proof arena."

      - Remy Newland, Tequila Wizard

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