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Rhum JM Terroir Volcanique Vieux
  • Rhum JM Terroir Volcanique Vieux

    • An homage to the distillery’s micro-climatic tropical milieu and breezy volcanic sugarcane fields, Terroir Volcanique is a blend of rums of at least 3 years, aged in new American oak barrels with two unique custom heavy toasts charred in the distillery’s own small cooperage and cut with volcanic spring water. The deep alligator char is designed to deliver rich flavors and a smoky, peat-like aroma, that perfectly captures the terroir of the volcano. 


      Heady char on the nose with a burnt vanilla undertone. On the palate, there is a slight creosote character giving it the character of a campfire. The rum itself balances out the deep woodiness and ethereal smokiness, making this a well balanced and excellent spirit for use in tropical cocktails. There is a lot of body here, and the finish goes on for miles. We also like this one over a single rock as a contemplative post-dinner drink in place of a Scotch whisky. A welcome addition to the Rhum J.M. portfolio and one that you will want to add to your backbar aresenal.

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