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Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac Port Cask Year of the Rabbit
  • Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac Port Cask Year of the Rabbit

    • The Year of the Rabbit officially began on January 22, and to mark the occasion our friends at Maison Ferrand have put together a special edition of Ferrand’s 10 Generations Cognac bottling. This one — which features a dramatic, red label — undergoes a second round of aging in Port wine casks (for an undetermined length of time). Complementing the China-inspired red label is the proof — 88 — evoking the culture’s luckiest number.

      12,000 bottles have been produced.

      I have to say, it’s a lovely little Cognac. The Port influence is evident from the start, the nose offering clear notes of raisin and cinnamon, though neither overpowers the underlying character, classic Cognac aromas of fresh linens, lavender, and a mild incense note.

      The palate is nothing short of a crowd pleaser, pleasantly sweet but not overblown, the spiced raisin character popping immediately. Soothing vanilla and caramel build from there, giving the brandy a lovely, dessert-like base upon which to build. The florals build quickly, again lavender and jasmine, and a stronger incense complement. Citrus notes give the finish some needed acidity, a nice tangerine note to take things out alongside a touch of lime. Keep sipping and notes of dark chocolate, fresh cotton, and rum raisin ice cream all build to a crescendo.

      Port and Cognac feel like natural companions, and it’s odd that we don’t see this finishing regimen more often than we do. Here’s hoping that changes. In the meantime, pick up one of the most delightful — yet wholly affordable — brandies of the year.

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