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Montanaro 6pm Aperitif
  • Montanaro 6pm Aperitif

    • In 1885, the first single grape grappa was made at the Montanaro distillery in Langa, Italy.  Since then they have become renowned for their grappas, vermouths, and liqueurs.  Their 6pm is their answer to a preprandial aperitivo in the likes of Aperol or Campari.  But unlike those two, its color arises from natural ingredients - radish, cherries, apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  Aromatic botanicals include tangerine, cloves, cinnamon, safflower, orange blossom, wormwood, and vanilla.  What comes out is a savory-sweet - think rhubarb and dried apricots - amaro that works as well in a spritz as it does subbing in a Negroni.

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