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Mathilde Peche Peach Liqueur 375ml

    Mathilde Peche Peach Liqueur 375ml

    • The vine peaches used for Mathilde Pêche are small, with a tough skin and moderately soft, white flesh with a particularly rich aroma. They are considered to be the most flavorful peach variety. Vine peaches are incredibly juicy, despite their small size, with an intense and seductive taste. We only use vine peaches cultivated in France that are hand selected to ensure their freshness.

      The peaches – skin, flesh and pit – are macerated in alcohol. The entire peach is used to extract as much of its taste and aroma as possible.  A small amount of sugar is incorporated and water is added to bring the liqueur to proof and round out the liqueur’s distinctly pleasing palate.

      375ml, 18% abv

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