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Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Double Barrel Rye

    Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Double Barrel Rye

    • Voyage 26 - Double Barrel Rye

      From a family of distillers - a relative was charged with “production and sales of spirituous liquors" in the 18th century - this was an experiment gone right.  Trey Zoeller and his father Chet bought up stocks of bourbon in the late 90's as a fundraiser for their own future distillery.  While on board a friend's research vessel, Trey wondered what effect the sea air and constant rocking would have on the whiskey.  Turns out it's quite a bit.  The salt in the breeze seeps into the barrel and the churring allows the bourbon to penetrate deep in the oak, drawing out its natural sugars.  Jefferson's Ocean travels to 25 ports, 5 continents, and cross the equator 2 times.  

      This is Jefferson's Ocean's first bottling of rye, and, if I were to guess, it's due to the succes of Jefferson's Cognac Finished Rye that came out a year ago.  Why not give it the ocean treatment too?  The double barrel here is char #3 barrels into toasted.  Those 'toasted' notes come out - marshmallow and toffee - with some leather and tobacco.  And then pulling up the rear, what you'd expect, salty rye notes of cinnamon and baking spice.  Non-chill filtered and bottled at 96pf.

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