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Holmes Cay Heritage Blend Esotico Edition
  • Holmes Cay Heritage Blend Esotico Edition

    • From a blend of pot and column still molasses rums from Barbados, cane juice rhum from Martinique, and molasses ron from Venezuela.

      Holmes Cay introduces the limited edition Holmes Cay Heritage Blend. It is the founder's tribute to the three great rum traditions that arose in the Caribbean basin: rhum, rum and ron. This edition’s label design is a collaboration with bartender & restaurateur Daniele Dalla Pola and his Miami restaurant Esotico. The design is an homage to vintage travel posters, and to the thrill of travel – The novel, the beautiful and the delicious are always waiting to be discovered. Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume, the Heritage Blend is a new classic daiquiri rum, shows up gracefully in classic and tiki cocktails, and is a great sipper on its own.  Vanilla custard, dried fruit and citrus notes on the palate, with a finish of oak and baking spice.

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