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Hollow Wines "Leo Carrillo" Grape Raspberry Wine 2021
  • Winery

    Hollow Wines


    80% Trousseau Gris & 20% raspberries


    Siletto Family Vineyard, San Benito County, CA

    Wine style              

    Orange Co-ferment




    Hollow Wines "Leo Carrillo" Grape Raspberry Wine 2021

    • Co-ferments are all the rage right now, so why not take it a step further and co-ferment with other fruit.  And, thus, this co-fermented orange wine, "Leo Carrillo", was born.  Sourced from dry-farmed, minimal intervention vineyards, this has a nose like kirschwasser but the brightness and grip brought on by seven days of skin contact.  


      The details:

      "Trousseau Gris grapes were organically farmed by Siletto Family Vineyard in Tres Pinos, CA. After being destemmed several hundred pounds of raspberries from a nearby farm in Watsonville were added to the fermenters after being hand sorted. Both the grapes and raspberries were co-fermented together for 7 days before being pressed into neutral oak barrels where they completed primary and secondary fermentation. Bottled with 20 ppm SO2 addition on February 18th, 2022."

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