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Espanita Anejo Tequila
  • Espanita Anejo Tequila

    • Impulsora Rombo, S.A. de C.V. (NOM-1467), Acatic, Mexico

      40% ABV



      Aged 18 months in used bourbon barrels. Much better balance than in the Reposado: The nose features butterscotch and salted caramel, quite pungent with sweetness at times and showing only the lightest hint of peppery agave underneath. The palate keeps this all going: Sweetness that slides into a maple syrup character, with a gentle pepper note — both black and cayenne — spicing it up. Again, it doesn’t have the punchiness of the blanco, but here that’s replaced with a creamy, vanilla-scented character that gives way to a finish layered with delightful Mexican chocolate notes.

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