Cazcanes No. 7 Anejo Tequila
  • Cazcanes No. 7 Anejo Tequila


      Familia Landeros S.C. de R.L. de C.V. (NOM-1599), Tequila, Jalisco

      40% ABV


      Cazcanes claims to make their tequila according to a 300-year-old indigenous recipe found in a moonshine jungle still.  Whether that's lore or reality, they do check all the right boxes - slow cook using autoclaves, stainless steel pot still, use mountain spring water, age in a mix of new and used American oak, and are certified additive-free (says so right on the bottle). Each batch is unique in profile and proof.  The No. 7 has notes of roast agave, caramelized sugar, barrel spice of of oak, burnt sugar from char and some agave spice of roasted pepper.  Bold flavor throughout and a lingering finish to savor.