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Bruxo No. 3 Mezcal
  • Bruxo No. 3 Mezcal

    • Agave: Barril

      San Agustín Amatengo (NOM-O184X, NOM-O264X), Oaxaca, Mexico

      46% ABV



      There’s so much at play with mezcal – the terroir, the agave species, when to harvest, and the mezcalero. That’s to say, it’s tough to say what’s typical since, by changing just one of those aspects, the whole mezcal can change. But there are still lanes where expectations can lie. I have not tasted a barril like this before. Agave for Bruxo No 3 is hand harvested from rocky hillsides of San Agustin Amatengo and transported to the distillery by donkey. And on the other side, comes out a mezcal with so much salinity and savoriness going on. Intense in notes of celery, oyster shells, and even like licking limestone in the best way possible. Potent minerality that should be paired with grilled seafood/raw oysters.

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