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Blue Run High Rye Bourbon
  • Blue Run High Rye Bourbon

    • Distilled by the legend, Jim Rutledge, with fifty years in the biz, notably of renowned Four Roses fame, at Castle & Key and blended in a special room in the back of Bardstown Bourbon's warehouses.  What I find most impressive about Blue Run is how well they straddle traditional, classic flavor profiles and modern techniques.  No doubt, that's Jim's touch on the project.  As I sipped both the High Rye and Reflections bourbon, I was reminded of elements of Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and even Old Medley.  But it wasn't exactly any of those, somewhere in the middle.  

      Remarkable depth of flavor and complexity in a classic sense - black peppercorn, cayenne pepper, bitter orange peel, overripe strawberry, clove.  The High Rye will continue to exist but change batch to batch and definitely will change when barrels start to be sourced from Bardstown and then their own distillery which is a few years out from completion.



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