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Bespoken Japanese Inspired Bourbon

    Bespoken Japanese Inspired Bourbon

    • Bespoken Spirits, like Lost Spirits, Endless West, and Terressentia, is a startup operation built around the idea of making spirits — just whiskey and rum, in Bespoken’s case — that tastes old. The catch is that it goes “from concept to bottle” in about a week, thanks to the magic of technology. Much like Lost Spirits (though it’s not the same tech), Bespoken’s process involves heat and pressure applied to young distillate and a tiny piece of wood, which turns it into something that tastes like a “real” whiskey in a matter of hours. (Unlike most of these operations, Bespoken seems to rely on immature but partially aged spirits to start things off, instead of using new-make white dog.)


      This is a lighter ”Japanese-style” variation on their Original Batch. It has a light gold color, with a plethora of floral and fruit aromas (rose petal, cranberry, pineapple) and a backbone of baking spice. On the palate, caramel, cocoa and lemon zest dominate, with a touch of cardamom and clove on the finish.


      Only 900 bottles made.

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