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Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon

    Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon

    • Frankfort, Kentucky, USA (Heaven Hill)

      43% ABV


      Benchmark Top Floor is the second lowest proof in the Benchmark family, after the standard Benchmark Old No. 8 Bourbon. The name “Top Floor” refers to the top warehouse floor this bourbon matures at and according to Buffalo Trace, “top warehouse floors tend to age faster as heat rises.”

      The location of the barrels pulled along with the six extra proof points compared to the standard edition, do in fact help differentiate Top Floor. While these changes are subtle, they add up. Much like the standard Benchmark Bourbon, the nose is on the lighter side. However, transitioning into the palate pulls forward sweeter notes that intertwine with just enough oak and tobacco to bring forward a nice depth. These sweet notes carry over to the finish and along with the formation of spice notes, allow the sip to end on a pleasing note. It won’t blow anyone away, but much like Evan Williams “Black Label”, Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon is a good value bourbon that delivers a pleasing sip that most will enjoy.

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