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Just in time for the holidays, Roadrunner Spirits is proud to unveil its Wine Club!  We will be exploring all corners of the wine world from the whites of the Loire Valley to Willamette pinots to Pet-Nats of Italy and all in between.  

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I have bartended for over a dozen years and one of the guiding lights for that journey was the ability to travel to far off reaches through a region’s traditions, cuisine, and terroir.  And, at times, I was so struck by a sip or bite that I had to eventually get there and stick my hands in the dirt to see for myself.  What I love about wine in particular is that the exploration is nearly endless.  Weather changes, blends are adjusted, and the temporal component shines through, fixing itself to not just a place, but a time, too.

In developing this club, I wanted to focus on wines that don’t get the attention I feel they deserve.  Wines that excite me - and hopefully will excite you too - highlighting winemakers who keep the agricultural spirit of wine alive.


The club will feature two wines delivered to your door with a write up and tasting notes for $50.  Wines will be delivered the first Monday of the month and an email will be sent a week before with a quick description of the upcoming wines, such as “French Reds” or a particular winemaker.  Club members will be given an option to opt out if that month’s wines don't line up with what they're feeling.

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The Details


2 bottles of wine a month

Write up and tasting notes

15% all other wines

First dibs on exclusive releases and seatings at tastings

Local delivery on the first Monday of the month

All for $50

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