Wonderwerk Free Your Body Orange Wine 2021
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    35% Chenin Blanc, 33% Sauv Blanc, & 32% Pinot Gris


    Clarksburg AVA, Central Valley, CA

    Wine Style     

    Co-Fermented Orange



    Wonderwerk Free Your Body Orange Wine 2021

    • From Wonderwerk:

      "Orange wine! In 2021, we dialed up the acidity and captured more texture this year as Free Your Body took a float down the Sacramento River and unlocked a new level in the Wonderwerk portfolio: the Clarksburg AVA.

      This corner of California exudes a vibe unlike any other part of the state, with rich alluvial soils, drawbridges, old country stores, and riverboat zoomers. The delta breeze provides a cooling effect to temper the warm summer days, creating the diurnal temperature shift that is critical to produce high-quality wine grapes.

      Here we found a chalky Chenin blanc to lay the structural foundation, mellowing the loud fruit tones of Sauvignon blanc and harmonizing with the elegance of Pinot Gris. After a 21 day maceration (26 days for the Pinot), the grape skins were exhausted and the body was free to begin a new life as wine.”

      Biodynamically farmed, co-fermented for 21 days, native yeast, bottled unfined/unfiltered