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Villa Lobos Blanco Tequila
  • Villa Lobos Blanco Tequila

    • I don't know where these have been hiding but they were bottled January 12th of 2016!


      Destileria La Alteña (NOM 1139), Aranadas, Mexico

      40% ABV



      Villa Lobos is the result of a friendship and close collaboration with two of the world's most respected and trusted authorities on Tequila: Carlos Camarena (El Tesoro, Tapatio) and Dale Sklar. The agave used for Villa Lobos is entirely harvested by agaveros from the Camarena Family plantations in Losthus ensuring only the sweetest and most mature agave are used.  Villa Lobos is a perfect example of handcrafted tequila made with passion and care in the traditional way.

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