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Victorioso Artesanal Espadin Mezcal

Victorioso Artesanal Espadin Mezcal

  • 45%abv


    Victorioso Espadin (A. Angustifolia) Mezcal contains only mature agave (Capon), aged up to 12 years for sweetness and complexity of flavor.


    Our Espadin has an expressive aroma of roasted agave, fruits and herbs backed by light smoke and Dulce de leche. The palate offers complex, harmonious notes of orange peel, melon, chamomile flower and honey.


    The Espadin Agave, also known as Agave Angustifolia, is the most commonly used agave variety used to produce Mezcal. Espadín’s popularity is due largely to its high sugar concentration, which can yield larger volumes of spirit than other agave species (it takes about 20 pounds of Espadín to make a liter of mezcal, while some agaves can require more than triple that amount). Most Espadin Agaves are harvested between 6-8 years due to its scarcity of the plant and high demand from producers

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