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Victorioso Artesanal Cuishe Mezcal

Victorioso Artesanal Cuishe Mezcal

  • 45%abv


    Victorioso Cuishe (A. Karwinskii) Mezcal uses agave that can take up to 15 years to mature and harvest. Since the entire trunk undergoes fermentation, the resulting spirit has a higher fibrous and vegetal flavor profile. Our Cuishe mezcal is spicy, subtly sweet and herbaceous, well- balanced with hints of green pear, lemon peels, Jasmine and green grapes.


    The Cuishe Agave (A. Karwinskii), is one of the rarest species found in Oaxaca. It is also one of the most distinct plants, with leaves growing outward from the baseball-bat-like piña and growing up to 7 feet tall. This unique structure makes this agave difficult to produce and harvest. Karwinskii mezcal often contains an herbal, mineral-rich, spicy flavor profile.

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