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Very Olde St Nick Cask Strength Summer Rye Whiskey
  • Very Olde St Nick Cask Strength Summer Rye Whiskey

    • Preservation Distillery out of Bardstown, KY has been putting out some incredible barrels of whiskey. Very Olde St Nick (VOSN) was the very first brand to take quirky, odd lot barrels of whatever they could find that was good. It wasn’t long ago that no one really wanted old barrels of whiskey, besides the international market VOSN was now appealing to. The barrels of rye whiskey for this release were selected before the heat of the summer could get an even larger angles’ share. From that came the name “Summer Rye”, a play off of “Samurai”.


      Dark, stewed fruits such as strawberries, cherries and raspberries are present on the mid and back palate, as well as freshly baked biscuits. It is like you just woken up in the summer and are eating a warm biscuit smothered in homemade jam from your garden (but you are at your grandma’s house and she puts a little drizzle of caramel on top, because why not).

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