Topa Topa x Burgeon Rarefaction West Coast Pilsner
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    Topa Topa Brewing collab with Burgeon


    WC Pils


    Ventura, CA






    16 fl oz

    Topa Topa x Burgeon Rarefaction West Coast Pilsner

    • "In early 2020, we came together with our friends at Burgeon Beer Company to brew a beer together. Little did we know, the world was on the cusp of a terrible time. We all experienced rarefaction for the last two years, whether it was the social distancing, the collaboration beers brewed via videoconference, or just the way time seemed to have spaced out between moments and minutes and months. Everyone and everything felt so far apart. So much has changed since we brewed our last beer together, and just like the season of Spring that brings blossoms back to the barren, this felt like the right time to bring our friends from North County San Diego back up to Ventura for a little re-brew-nion. In the spirit of coming together again, our new recipe reflects a mutual love for bright-and-balanced West Coast IPAs and crisp-and-clean Pilsners, and it's our joy to present to you Rarefaction- a West Coast Pils!"

      - Topa Topa Brewing