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Tierra de Ensueno Blanco Tequila
  • Tierra de Ensueno Blanco Tequila

    • Hacienda El Olvido (NOM-1580), Jésus Maria, Jalisco



      Tierra de Ensueño Blanco (Land of Dreams) - Sergio Cruz and Oscar Vazquez Camarena came together to develop and craft this unique Blanco tequila that’s made at NOM1580 - Hacienda El Olvido in Jesus Maria, Jalisco (Highlands). It’s rested in rare 12yr Old Weller barrels for two weeks.


      The nose is full of fresh agave and bright citrus rind that sits upon some earthy clay that’s packed with minerality. There’s a dry white oak barrel aroma that could also be interpreted as a dry hay aroma. Hints of white pepper dance about along with some celery and almond notes. The added proof is just enough to make this nose aromatic. This nose makes you want to take a sip. - There’s some nice density of flavors that are mildly complex. The agave is buttery and earthy. There’s some earthy notes of peppercorn and celery. The earthiness hits almost simultaneously as the sweet buttery cooked agave. It’s has a full mouthfeel. The spicy characteristics hits on the mid palate and linger into the medium finish. There’s some nice spice that’s most likely coming from the barrel because this blanco is rested in a used bourbon barrels for 14 days. There’s some agave sweetness but also some nice savory notes. The proof helps the finish to linger and the uniqueness begs for you to keep taking sip after sip.


      • additive free
      • blanco, rested 2 weeks - 12 yr bourbon barrels (it's Weller, but we try to keep that a "secret")
      • single estate grown agave - high bricks content, rich red clay soil
      • sergio cruz - master distiller / óscar vásquez - master blender
      • NOM 1580 - in the highlands of Jalisco near Jesus Maria, at a 5th generation family distillery
      • harvested by hand, slow roasted in traditional ovens
      • mozart method with open air fermentation
      • stainless and copper stills
      • 3 types of yeast - champagne, natural, and our secret variety
      • soft blanco with a warm, long finish
      • 42% ABV
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