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The Ojai Vineyard Ojai Red Blend
  • Winery

    The Ojai Vineyard


    Syrah, Grenache, Barbera, & Pinot Noir


    Santa Barbara County, CA

            Wine style       

    Californian Red Blend



    The Ojai Vineyard Ojai Red Blend

    • Since Ojai Vineyard doesn't filter their wine, each barrel has about three gallons of hazy wine left over.  All those "left overs" from each barrel are collected and blended together.  What results changes year to year but includes wine from even the most exclusive bottlings.


      This latest version is filled with great fruit and perfume, dominated by Syrah, enlivened with floral Grenache and racy Barbera, and smoothed by Pinot Noir’s natural silkiness. The wine finishes with a dash of acidity tempered by salty tannins and a dense texture that is an Ojai Vineyard hallmark.

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