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The Marigny Carbonic Maceration Pinot Gris
  • Winery

    The Marigny


    Pinot Gris


    Willamette Valley AVA, Oregon

            Wine style       

    Skin Contact Carbonic Pinot Gris



    The Marigny Carbonic Maceration Pinot Gris 2022

    • Andrew Reginald Young moved from New Orleans to Oregon over a decade ago to make fresh and fun wines in a low-intervention style. Under the winemaking name St. Reginald Parish, Andrew uses familiar Willamette Valley grape varieties in less familiar ways: this carbonic, skin-contact pinot gris, for example! Made in collaboration with natural wine outfit The Marigny, this wine sees one to two weeks of whole-cluster carbonic maceration before pressing into stainless steel (75%) and barrel (25%). Bottled without fining or filtration, and with a minimal amount of sulfur added, this is a great introductory orange wine for those looking to explore that territory. A “future award winner and a tangerine dream dipped in the finest sea salt,” Andrew calls it. “Serve with tapas, spring days, summer nights and second line parades in your backyard.” Organically grown, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.  A perfect intro to “orange” or skin contact styles, this wine ends up somewhere between adult Tang and an Alpine day dream.

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