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The 4th Rabbit 100% Karoo Agave Spirit
  • The 4th Rabbit 100% Karoo Agave Spirit

    $99.00 Regular Price
    $70.00Sale Price
    • Agave: Americana


      47% ABV


      The 4th Rabbit Agave Spirit is made with “100% Karoo Agave,” which is Agave americana that grows in the semi-arid region, the Great Karoo Desert, to the north of Cape Town. The Agave plants are harvested by hand and cooked in a traditional stone-lined pit for 7 – 12 days. The cooked Agave is then fermented in wooden fermenting vats and then distilled in a copper pot still.  All is overseen by Adi Badenhorst, a very talented minimal intervention style winemaker.


      Complex but light intensity.  Mangoes, leather, resin, tangy yogurt, and a hint of smoke.

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