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Stellum Black Rye

    Stellum Black Rye

    • Stellum Spirits was launched in March 2021, and then in the following December, a limited release bourbon and rye were introduced under the Stellum “Black” label. According to the company, Black Rye consists of “meticulous blending approach to layer older reserve barrels into the original Stellum Rye blend.” It definitely shows as there isn’t a hint of youth present which makes it rather unique in today’s rye marketplace.The standard Stellum Rye doesn’t reinvent the wheel, yet it still offers a great value thanks to its agreeable flavors and pitch perfect intensity. Stellium Black Rye is similar in many ways, but with the inclusion of aged stock, it's a bit bolder, hotter, and spicier. For many rye drinkers that will be music to their ears, but Stellum Black Rye loses some of the standard rye’s approachableness and even-temperament. The aged stock doesn’t necessarily make it more complex, at least on the surface, it rather provides it with a rock solid backbone. However, the overall weight of its flavors thanks to this infusion of older rye - even when that age is undisclosed - makes it a must for any fan of rye. What it lacks in overall refinement and overt complexity, it makes up for in maturity, which is something that simply cannot be faked. There’s just no mistaking Stellum Black Rye for any other rye currently on the market and why at double the price of the standard Stellum, it easily justifies it.

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