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Standard Proof Red Eye Coffee Infused Rye
  • Standard Proof Red Eye Coffee Infused Rye

    • Aptly named Red Eye Rye, Standard Proof’s coffee infused rye is a banger right out of the gate. Bold coffee notes are tasted throughout and deciding on 80 proof as opposed to a more typical lower liqueur-style proof, allows the flavors to flourish. Red Eye Rye is decidedly not overly sweet or bitter in any one direction. It finds good balance allowing it to be a solid sipper if you’re in the mood for this particular style of infused whiskey. Its rye base is a non-factor, at least on a surface level. It may be doing some heavy lifting behind the scenes but for the most part, it's largely unintrusive. Like all of Standard Proof infused whiskeys, there is a time and place for them, but if a particular infusion piques your interest, these are across the board well done infused whiskeys.  

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