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Ron del Barrilito Aged Rum Two Stars Calidad Extra
  • Ron del Barrilito Aged Rum Two Stars Calidad Extra

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    • Ed Hamilton - creator of Ministry of Rum website, importer of classic takes on regional rums, probably single handedly responsible for the US's awareness of agricole rhum - looms large in the rum world.  I, barbacking at the time and nothing about the wonderful world of rum, used my opportunity to ask him a question on, "What's the best Puerto Rican rum?"  Not about ancient techniques or secret caches of defunct distilleries' rums, but about an island whose rum production is almost monolithic.  Boy, am I glad I did because he turned me onto Ron del Barrilito.

      This is the best bang for your buck rum from Puerto Rico.  Apricot, marzipan, and plum come bursting through and it has a nice tight, dry finish.  Sippable on its own but really shines in classic tiki drinks calling for a gold PR rum like the Jet Pilot.

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