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Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt Whiskey
  • Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt Whiskey

    • Sonoma County, California



      Redwood Empire's Foggy Burl Single Malt Whiskey, part of the Small Lot Series (just 27 barrels for this release), is a tribute to the land of ancient giants, the Redwood Empire. Crafted from a 100% malted barley mash bill, encompassing over seven diverse malts, this California single malt has a distinct character in every batch since its inception in 2015. A true grain-to-glass offering, its uniqueness is a mark of Redwood's dedication and pioneering spirit. Aging the whiskey in Northern California's temperate climate ensures a gentle and even flavor extraction, resulting in a balanced and complex profile. Taking inspiration from the Foggy Burl, a majestic coastal redwood that gathers its sustenance from fog, this whiskey embodies resilience and sustainability. 

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