Quiquiriqui Espadin Mezcal
  • Quiquiriqui Espadin Mezcal

    • Espadín is Quiquiriqui's classic, highly mixable house-style Mezcal. It's beautifully crafted in Santiago Matatlán by Carlos Méndez. Méndez comes from prime Mezcal stock; his family has made the drink for six generations and that experience manifests in a bold and complex spirit with intense, roasted agave flavors.

      It has a super-smooth and mouth-filling palate with that juicy, peppery finish, characteristic of Matatlán-grown Espadín. Expect flavors of cocoa butter, toffee apple, cotton candy, and citrus with a briny freshness. Extra succulence and smoky intensity than most house-pour Mezcals out there. And, while it has the purity and balance to be sipped neat, this Mezcal's depth guarantees its role as a killer base for mixed drinks.


      41% abv