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Pinhook Vertical Series 'Bourbon War' 7yr Bourbon
  • Pinhook Vertical Series 'Bourbon War' 7yr Bourbon

    • 75% Corn, 20.5% Rye, 4.5% Malted Barley



      Now in its 4th year, the Pinhook Bourbon War vertical bourbon series continues to be one of the most interesting experiments taking place in the bourbon space currently. The series started with Bourbon War 4 Year and will end in 2027 when the bourbon is 12 years old. So far, each year the proof has ticked up, and Bourbon War 7 Year ups the ante by coming in at 115 compared to Bourbon War 6 Year’s 107 proof. Pinhook’s co-founder and Master Blender Sean Josephs states that Bourbon War 7 Year is “bottled at cask strength, which was not necessarily the intention, but I tried the at 114, 113, 112, and 111 and cask strength at 115 was the best proof.” Josephs goes on to state that this year's blend of 130 barrels had a barrel entry proof that “was 120 so these barrels continue to lose proof in the cooler aging environment (brick and concrete) at Castle & Key. Makes me hopeful that the slow aging will help these go the distance to 12 years old without becoming overly extracted/woody.”


      Bourbon War Year 7 finds the sip opening with a nose that is reminiscent of breakfast scents with a focus on sweet spices and bread, along with a showing of ethanol that forewarns the bourbon’s high proof. The sip continues with sweeter and earthy notes that are interlaced with a spice-dominant flavor profile. It ends on bold spice notes that produce a long-lasting heat. Nearing the halfway mark, the series continues to bring intrigue and has me eagerly anticipating each new release.

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