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Pastis 12/12 - Saint-Tropez Pastis
  • Pastis 12/12 - Saint-Tropez Pastis

    • Although Marseille is reputed as the cradle of Pastis, Saint-Tropez was one of the very first towns to launch its own Pastis brand - Mont Pécoulet – in the same year as the famous Pastis 51. Seventy years on, Pastis 12/12 aims to breathe new life into this local tradition while honoring the unique character and beauty of France's most famous village. Much appreciated by the locals, this classic Pastis is made with a blend of macerated plants from the region topped with a drop of Amaretto in tribute to the producer's homeland. The Pastis 12/12 bottles are decorated by Saint-Tropez artist Quentin Monge. Produced in France at the Cristal Limiñana family distillery, the oldest distillery in Marseille (1884).

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