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Papo J's Coconut Nectar Lambanog
  • Papo J's Coconut Nectar Lambanog

    • Papo J's makes a small batch, hand crafted spirit from the nectar of coconut flowers. It is a product unique to the Philippine islands where they developed style over hundreds of years. The result is a bright clear spirit with a hint of sweetness that works well in wide range of temperatures and cocktails. In each sip you get the sense of the sandy soils, intense sun shine, and tropical rain from where it was created.

      The trees that provide the nectar require no fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. No artificial irrigation is used so fresh water can be better utilized. Nectar is collected from the small farms where men work in tree tops to collect the nectar by hand. The alcohol is produced naturally without added yeasts and distillation is done in small batches by local craftsman in a husk fired still.

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