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Pür Spirits Blackthorn Sloe Gin
  • Acadian

    2oz Pinhook Rye

    1oz lemon juice

    3/4oz 1:1 honey syrup

    3/4oz Pür Spirits Blackthorn Sloe Gin

    4 dashes absinthe

    Leaves from one sprig of rosemary

    Add all ingredients into tin, shake and strain into Collins glass with fresh ice

    Garnish with a sprig of rosemary


    Pür Spirits Blackthorn Sloe Gin

    • Germany has a long history of deliciously drinkable-on-their-own liqueurs - sorry, schnapps - and Kiki Braverman has elevated that tradition into the craft stratum.  Her Pür•Spirits lineup includes a wonderful elderflower liqueur and a zippy amaro.  All her liqueurs are made with real ingredients with some sendiment visual in the bottle.

      Her sloe gin takes native sloe berries (aka blackthorn) and infuses them into housemade gin.  Sloe berries are too astringent to eat on their own but express their fruitiness when mascerated.  Sloe berries have even been used to make counterfeit port wine. 

      Most well known for its use in a Sloe Gin Fizz, it adds a tart fruitiness to any drink.

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