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Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Single Barrel

    Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Single Barrel

    • 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Malted Barley

      Barrel #4158, 111.7pf


      Take note of the name prominently scribed on the front label - Greg Metze. A veteran master distiller, Metze may just be one of today’s most prominent distillers you’ve rarely heard of. Former master distiller at MGP - the Indiana distillery behind many sourced brands along with their well-known 95% rye - Metze resigned from his role there in 2016 to venture into the bourbon consulting business. He now works exclusively with Old Elk Distillery.

      Single barrel wheated bourbons don't come around all that often and Old Elk makes an exemplary one.  Aged six years and coming in at 111.7 proof.  Even at that proof, full flavored with notes of candied nuts and fudge balanced with wood tannins on the finish.  Barrel #4158

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