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Oka Kura Japanese Bermutto Sake Sweet Vermouth

    Oka Kura Japanese Bermutto Sake Sweet Vermouth

      • A uniquely Japanese interpretation of vermouth crafted by the Tsutsumi Distillery in the Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan
      • Made from a Junmai sake base and fortified with 100% rice-based shochu
      • Full botanical list includes yomogi (Japanese mugwort), yuzu, kabosu (a high-acid citrus fruit), and sansho peppercorn
      • The nose is fruity and yeasty with notes of grapefruit, peach, guava, lavender, and plum; on the palate, the sake base is immediately evident with bass notes of rice, yeast, and faint plum. Yuzu and sansho peppercorn brighten things up, while an undercurrent of yomogi provides earthy grapefruit from beginning to end
      • 18% ABV

      Bermutto, a Japanese phonetic spelling of vermouth, is a novel take on the classic fortified wine using sake, shochu, and four Japanese botanicals. Use this as a functional substitute or addition to dry vermouth or dry sherry to add new depth to cocktails, or try it in a Sonic highball with soda water and tonic!

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