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Nocheluna Sotol
  • Nocheluna Sotol


      Aldama, Chihuahua (NOM-159)

      43% ABV


      Sotol is a spirit made from the desert spoon plant, a relative of aparagus.  While not well-known outside Chihuahua, it is growing in prominence as people explore the agave and agave-adjacent spirits of Mexico.  No better introduction to sotol than by master sotol distiller, Don Eduardo Arrieta (Don Lalo), who helped pioneer the category by creating both the Clande and Lalo y Nando brands previously.  Using the Dasylirion varietal of sotol, allowed to mature for 12-15 years, harvested by hand, cooked in earthen pits, and fermented in open air wooden vats, to create an incredibly balanced spirit.  Fruity and minerally, herbeaous and smokey.  If you've never dipped your toe in the sotol waters before, go ahead and take the plunge.

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