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Milam & Greene Unveils Unabridged Volume 1 Bourbon
  • Milam & Greene Unveils Unabridged Volume 1 Bourbon

    • Milam & Greene are releasing a literary-inspired blend of whiskeys. The small Blanco, Texas, distillery has called upon three award-winning authors from the whiskey world: Heather Greene (CEO of Miliam & Greene), Noah Rothbaum, and David Wondrich (authors of Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails) to create Unabridged Volume 1.


      “Unabridged celebrates friendships unfolding throughout the unedited and messy chapters of our biographies,” says Milam & Greene Whiskey CEO and blender Heather Greene. “As friends and fellow whiskey-writers, the three of us had an implicit pact to support each other’s dreams. After publishing many books and hundreds of articles, garnering awards, and thousands of tastings, Unabridged makes good on that promise. Milam & Greene Unabridged showcases the flavors a barrel can impart into bourbon over time and place.”


      Milam & Greene blends multiple casks of varied ages. At the low end of the age spectrum, they used 13 casks of 2 ¾-year-old Kentucky bourbon with malted rye, and at the high end of the age spectrum they used six casks of 14-year-old Tennessee Bourbon. By volume the whiskey is predominantly four-, six-, and 14-year-old Tennessee bourbon, with a healthy amount of Kentucky and Texas bourbons as well.


      David Wondrich, Flaviar’s Resident Spirits & Cocktails Historian, says, “on the nose is an oaky, split-log tang, which is cushioned by waves of pecan pie, maple syrup and creamed corn and a whiff of alcohol driving everything forward. The palate is rich and chewy, with cinnamon-spice oak and dark-chocolate notes to balance the richness. Long finish.”

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