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Michter's American Whiskey
  • Michter's American Whiskey

    • Michter’s American Whiskey feels like dessert in a glass. When you nose it, you’ll think you’re smelling a Werther’s Original that’s been in your grandma’s purse since the Bush administration (the first one), which is awesome.

      When sipped, it feels almost buttery and creamy, and yet it’s light enough due to the lighter proof that you can pick up other notes. Personally, I got the taste of caramel apple pops that your auntie gives you from her glove compartment after buying it at a fundraiser back when LeBron played in Miami, which is awesome.

      The finish is on the lighter side, with a minimal burn. The taste can linger and is an enjoyable one, although it comes across as tart. Enjoy this neat, maybe with a drop of water or a small ice cube, but nothing more. This is ready right out of the bottle.

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