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Mezcalosfera Bichuishe/Coyote/Madrecuixe/Tepextate Ensemble

    Mezcalosfera Bichuishe/Coyote/Madrecuixe/Tepextate Ensemble

    • Agave: A. karwinskii (2 variations), A. lyobaa, and A. marmorata

      Mezcalero: Felipe Cortes

      Region: Miahuatlan, Oaxaca (1500-1650m above sea level)



      Woods Used in Oven: Encino (Quercus spp.), Mesquite (Prosopis spp.)

      Oven Size: 9 tons, 5 tons

      Cook Time: 8-10 Days

      Rest between between Oven and mill: Tepextate is milled immediately; madrecuixe, bicuixe, and coyote will rest for 5-7 days.

      Mill Type: Ox drawn tahona

      Fermentation vessel: Open air sabino (Taxodium mucronatum) tinas

      Water Source: Well

      Fermentation Time: 3-8 Days

      Still Type: Copper Alambiques (500 & 275 liter) with refrescadera

      Refrescadera: Water is changed one time during distillation.

      Distillations: 2

      Liters produced: 270L


      Felipe Cortés Venegas is a third generation mezcalero with 55 years of experience from Mengolí de Morelos, Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Oaxaca. His palenque sits two hours south of the city of Oaxaca. You’ll find him and his son, Ageo, working together on the palenque from January to June, and tending to the fields independently from July to December. A vast piece of land with stunning magueyes growing both cultivated and wild, Felipe and Ageo’s field sits right next to their home demonstrating just how integrated their lives are with those of the plants they care for.

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