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Mezan Chiriqui Rum
  • Mezan Chiriqui Rum

    • Mezan came to be in 2012 and market themselves as “unaltered” and “untouched” meaning that all the rums they bottle are free of any additives such as caramel colouring or sweeteners. They do not produce rum, but they source rum from various other producers which usually aged both in the tropical and continental climates.

      They have 3 collections, the permanent, the vintage and the single cask one with Mezan Chiriqui being part of the permanent range alongside their Mezan XO as continuous releases. The offering is named after the Chiriqui province located in the west of Panama bordering Costa Rica, as the distillate itself is of Panamanian origin - an educated guess would say from Varela Hermanos distillery.  After an initial maturation in American white oak bourbon casks it's transferred to Moscatel casks before bottling. Lots of honeyed stone fruit coming through alongside the more tropical notes thanks to the finish.


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