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Lodestar American Whiskey
  • Lodestar American Whiskey

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      Lodestar American Whiskey is the result of a collaboration between two cousins, Anna Axster and Wendelin von Schroder.  Both women are self-proclaimed whiskey aficionados and originally hail from an entertainment marketing background. As such, they’ve traveled extensively and have sampled all manner of similar spirits from countries all over the world.


      “We came at this very much from a we-are-the-audience angle based on our love affair with whiskey over a long period of time” Axster said, adding, “We honed in on what we liked and what we didn’t like and that’s when the idea started forming that we wanted to make our own and start a new brand.”


      She says that they visited a considerable number of distilleries to learn about the kinds of processes involved and to ultimately source their distilling partners. “During that process, the flavor profile that we were aiming for became clear to us and that what we had in mind would best be achieved through blending,” Axster said.


      Launched in December of 2023, a blend of 70% high rye bourbon and 30% American single malt, both hailing from MGP.  


      Mint and cooked grain on nose.  Cherries, bright baking spice, toasted pecans, and Meyer lemon with orange zest finish.

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