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Leopold Bros 8 Year Old Cask Strength Straight Bourbon
  • Leopold Bros 8Yr Cask Strength Straight Bourbon

    • There is a litany of great things that we can say about the new Leopold Bros 8 year old cask strength Bourbon finished in Three Chamber rye barrels, so we’ll list them here right off the bat:

      -It’s the oldest whiskey ever released from the revered Leopold Bros at 8 years of age.

      -It’s also the highest proof whiskey they’ve ever released at 55% ABV.

      -It may be the most transparent whiskey ever released by any American distillery, with its proof-it bottle tag. Simply hold any smart phone near the tag on the bottle’s neck and a window pops up with an 11 minute video from Todd Leopold and a chemistry book’s worth of stats and specs.


      It’s the finishing in the Leopold Bros own Three Chamber rye whiskey casks that puts this release over the top. For those who don’t know the story, Todd Leopold resurrected the Three Chamber still from its pre-Prohibition roots almost a decade ago. This one-of-a-kind still creates a whiskey so oily and thick on the palate that even the whiskey’s residue inside the barrel once emptied is enough to beef up a standard Bourbon. And that’s exactly what the Leopolds did. They took their new 8 year pot-distilled Bourbon—which after 7 years is finally starting to evaporate and go up in proof from their barrel entry ABV of 50%—and decanted it into freshly-emptied Three Chamber rye whiskey casks for a finishing period of a few additional months. The sweet and supple texture that those casks added to this Bourbon is simply phenomenal. It’s a rich, round, mouth-coating Bourbon, loaded with brown sugar and caramel with plenty of sweet spices and just enough pop at 55% ABV. It’s not only the best new Bourbon we’ve tasted this year, it’s the Bourbon we’ve been waiting for Todd Leopold to make since we first fell in love with him and his Denver distillery.

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