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Katla Queendom Pet-Nat 2022
  • Winery

    Katla Wines by Jas Swan


    Pinot Gris, Dornfelder, & Riesling


    Mosel, Rheinhessen, Germany

    Wine style              

    Red Pet-Nat



    Katla Queendom Pet-Nat 2022

    • Playing with a co-ferment of red and white grapes, Jas creates a bright, bubbly brew.  Lots of red fruit picked at peak acidity like sour cherry, strawberry, and pomegranate.


      Jasmine Swan of Katla Wines runs a small négociant project in Woellstein, Germany and was based at the renowned Mosel winery Staffelter Hof up until her 2021 vintage. Her fruit comes from organically-farmed vineyards located on the steep slopes facing the Moselle river but also from nearby regions such as Nahe and Rheinhessen. On top of looking after her tiny 0.3ha of vines in the Mosel, Jasmine aims to fully manage as many of the plots she works with throughout the year and to harvest everything by hand.

      In the cellar, she favours the use of a manual wooden press and neutral vessels for fermentations. Grapes are often de-stemmed and work is carried out without the use of any additions nor corrections. “I make wines that I like to drink, but that don’t essentially go along with the traditional style of the area where I am based at. I prefer to make my own traditions, instead of following others.”